iSkin’s Silo Range Adds a Touch of Class to Laptop Cases

iSkin Happy FriendsiSkin have a new line of laptop cases that should inspire us all; instead of carrying our laptops around in dull sleeves or black executive bags it should be okay to consider something radically different.

Their top range is the set of bags that fall under the Silo category and these are available in Slim, Tote or Messenger styles. All of them will fit laptops that are 13″ to 15″ screen size.

The Slim style has a more structured look and feel to it, giving your laptop extra protection against the adventures in life. The Tote style should be described as more of a handbag (or ‘manbag’ should you wish) sort of style, giving it the look of a classy dresser. Finally, the Messenger style is the traditional satchel style that one might expect secondary school students to take to school.

The main three patterns that these come with are ‘Happy Friends‘, ‘Ami‘ and ‘Karl the Ninja‘ giving the bags a good, solid retro and fun feel to them. The bags can be bought via the iSkin online store and are currently retailing at just under $100 each, but appear to be regularly priced between $140 and $150 per bag. All the bags do, of course, contain protection materials in order to protect your laptop from all the knocks and scrapes it will inevitably get.

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Price: $99.99
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