iPulse ZipConnect Speakers with ColorSync LEDs

iPulse ZipConnect Speakers with ColorSync LEDs

Groovy! That’s the best word to describe this iPod accessory consisting of speakers and LED lights.

The iPulse ZipConnect Speakers with ColorSync LEDs pulses to the music with a brilliant lightshow using red, blue and green LEDs. The speakers should not only look good but should sound good as well as they are made with dual aluminum-cone speakers.

Welcome to the Jukebox of the 21st century!

This colorful new stereo speaker system for your iPod or MP3 digital music collection (or PC) is as fun to watch as it is to hear. When you “unleash your musicâ„¢” through its excellent dual aluminum-cone speakers, iPulseâ„¢ puts on a brilliant lightshow — like a new-fashioned jukebox — with red, blue and green LEDs pulsing on and off in sync with the sounds.

iPulse comes with our universal play ZipConnect™ (with convenient retractable 18-inch cord) for playing any iPod, MP3 or other audio source — anything with a headphone jack! For specific iPod models, interchangeable ZipConnect modules are available that will both play and charge your iPod.

The compact all-in-one iPulse system measures 8″ x 10″ x 4″; it weighs 3 lbs. and plugs into a standard outlet with an AC adapter (included). A handy control will dim or turn off the lightshow if you want. To enjoy iPulse as your computer speakers, too, an auxiliary input makes it easy. One-year warranty. Created by Sharper Image Design.

Price: $129.95
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