SIPphone releases Gizmo Project VoIP software

Just a few days ago, we ran the story about Google launching Google Talk and that they had plans to work with SIPphone. Well, SIPphone has just released Project Gizmo (cool name! ;-)). Project Gizmo, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, is an application not unlike Skype that lets people talk to each other over the Internet using VoIP.

But that’s not all. You can use Gizmo Project to call regular land lines and mobile phones as well as receive calls at your desktop. There is also conference calling, call recording and even SIP adapters so that you can use a regular telephone handset to make a call out over the Project Gizmo infrastructure. And how about Google in all of this? Well, the plan is that eventually Gizmo Project and Google Talk users will be able to talk to each other. Nice.