Ionkids Child Monitoring System

Ionkids Child Monitoring System

Sometimes even the best parents need help keeping track of their children, especially in crowded places. The Ionkids Child Monitoring System Starter Kit is easy-to-use, and was designed with ergonomics and simplicity in mind. It consists of two components: a comfortable, unobtrusive bracelet for the child to wear and a convenient base unit a parent can easily carry and operate. The base unit is approximately 1Wx6L” and allows parents to monitor up to 4 Wristags simultaneously. The child’s bracelet is tamper and water-resistant and is designed to be fun to wear and requires no interaction on the child’s part. Includes base unit and one Wristag. Perfect for amusement parks, neighborhoods, schools, ball games, camping, fishing, hunting, shopping malls, and autistic children/adults, etc. Range is up to 500ft.

Base Unit: This small, easy to use device is used by the parent or guardian to monitor the location of the Wristag™ wearer. The Base Unit, a handheld device, allows parents to monitor up to four Wristags simultaneously.

Wristag: This specially designed, tamper- and water-resistant bracelet is worn by the child. The Wristag is designed to be fun to wear and requires no interaction on the part of the child. ionKids Wristags adjust to fit snugly against your child’s skin, and contain a strong locking mechanism that cannot be easily opened without a key, which comes with the Base Unit.

How They Work Together: Wristags transmit a signal to the Base Unit from up to 400 feet when outdoors and up to 250 feet indoors. Because it uses a point-to-point wireless communication system, the ionKids Wristag does not rely on cell towers or satellites to locate your child-so cloud cover or a building’s roof will not prevent you from finding your loved ones.

Additionally, every few seconds, ionTechnology™ simultaneously changes the transmission frequency, Wristag ID and corresponding information in the Base Unit, significantly reducing the chances that a third party can scan or monitor a child’s Wristag. In addition, each communication between an individual Wristag and its Base Unit will be transmitted on a different frequency, making it possible for multiple Wristags to be used in the same close environment without transmission interference.

The underside of the Wristag is equipped with sensors that detect the presence of the child’s skin. If the sensors perceive an excessive gap between the Wristag and the child’s skin, it immediately activates the Wristag alarm and sends a simultaneous “tamper” alarm to the Base Unit to warn parents of the possibility that the Wristag has been improperly removed.

Price: $193.99
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