INSTEON Development Kit

INSTEON Development Kit

Are you a developer and interesting in home automation? Well you can spend an investment of $3500 as well as $1000 for your first product to develop for Zigbee or just $99 to work with INSTEON. We’re working on an article comparing the various home automation technologies but these are the two most reliable technologies and at a cost of $99 to be a developer for INSTEON or $4500 for the first product (and $500 for additional products) with Zigbee, INSTEON is developer friendly.

Become a pioneer in the fledgling next wave of home automation technologies and be the first to market with your unique software solution.

With the INSTEON Software Development Kit, you’ll be able to develop applications using the ultimate wireless home-control technology.

The software development kit includes a User & Reference Guide that provides the specific information required to develop applications to control INSTEON-enabled devices.

Each kit contains a serial network interface module (PowerLinc V2 USB) and a test module (LampLinc V2). Additional test modules may be purchased separately.

Each kit includes select membership in the INSTEON alliance. The INSTEON Alliance consists of companies and individuals committed to the adoption and development of INSTEON as the standard wireless networking technology for home control and monitoring solutions. Membership in the Alliance provides access to development support and the opportunity to gain insight and influence the direction, development and marketing of INSTEON. Specific benefits of the Select Alliance membership include:
# Access to the INSTEON technology forum and knowledge base. A username and password are included in the kit.
# Invitation to INSTEON seminars and marketing events
# Listing of your company on the INSTEON website
# Inclusion in membership press releases
# Access to the INSTEON shareware site (if requested)

Smarthome provides a comprehensive set of development support services including email, phone and consulting services. Every development kit includes one free support email (a $30.00 value). Additional support services can be purchased through the INSTEON developers’ website.

Product Development
Under the terms of the license agreement, Smarthome will allow you to sell your products once you have provided the product for compatibility testing and certification. Once you pass compatibility testing you will be able to work with Smarthome category managers to market your product through Smarthome. You may also sell the software and/or hardware through other distribution channels with the INSTEON Compatible logo.

Price: $99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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    I am intrested to purchase the Insteon Development kit from your company, but, the prices are contradicting when compared to Smarthome prices. Its 99$ on your webpage, and 199$ onsmarthome’s webpage. Can you please clear my doubt??


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