Slappa SlipScreen for iPod nano

Slappa SlipScreen for iPod nano

Another Slappa product to protect your gear, the Slappa SlipScreen for iPod nano helps secure your nano from scratches. The biggest complaint we’ve seen and heard about the Nano are scratches and dents. You must get protection for the Nano to keep either from happening.

The Slappa SlipScreen for the Nano fits the overall look of the Nano and is lightweight and small like the Nano.

The SLAPPA SlipScreen for the iPod nano is designed with a sleek outer appearance to protect your iPod nano from daily abuse. Built out of a shock-absorbent and lightweight PU material, the SlipScreen offers complete click wheel coverage and Dock Connector access, with a removable belt clip for ez transport.

• Sleek and lightweight design
• Durable PU molded shell, protects nano from dents and scratches
• Click wheel cover allows ez navigation and provides added protection
• Slim profile removable belt clip for ez transport
• Free screen and body protectors provided for complete nano coverage, while transferring from one SlipScreen to another

Price: $14.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)