INSTEON Compatible Broan SmartSense Ventilation System

INSTEON Broan Smart Ventilation SystemBroan has finally introduced for shipping their INSTEON Smart Ventilation System. The leader in residential ventilation technology has added an automated solution implementing the INSTEON home automation system.

This ventilation system provides healthier air for your family by trading stale air for fresh air daily as well as minimizing harmful mold, mildew and other pollutants growth. These smart ventilation system fans work together to distribute fresh air throughout your home automatically AND quietly!

You can install up to 10 fans in your home and installation requires no new wires because SmartSense uses reliable INSTEON technology to communicate wirelessly.

This starter kit with two fans cost $459.99 and the three fan system only costs $629.99.

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  1. The example caught my attention, if that happens the percentage of the fire ever spreading throughout the house will be minimized and can be contained in one place. The ventilation system is one of the possible solutions on the air that people breath, its a great device, because of its capabilities.

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