Flash Drive with Infinite Storage??

Just splashed out on a very nice 128GB flash drive? What a waste – they’re out of date! “Infinite” is the new memory capacity you’re looking for. That’s right, you heard it here first – flash drives with infinite storage space. Read on!

Infinitec have announced their new flash drive with infinite memory. However, they are lying a bit – the flash drive isn’t really a flash drive – instead, you plug the device into your computer and connect it to your WiFi network and it will locate all the hard drive spaces available to it and utilise them as its own space, creating a sort of “cloud-based flash drive”.

When you get the device initially you need to choose one particular computer to pair it with, and that becomes the “host” of the spaces for the drive (meaning that multiple users in the vicinity can use their own infinite flash drives without any interference). Any storage areas (such as servers) attached to this computer will also be available to the device for memory.

File systems supported are FAT32 and NTFS, security keys are WPA/WPA2/WEP, and supported transfer speed is up to 300mbps on 802.11n-WiFi (also supports b and g). It seems pretty much your standard combination of flash drive and WiFi-enabled device, but in reality it’s so much more!

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