Indigo 4 – INSTEON Compatible Home Automation Software for Macs

Indigo 4 - INSTEON controller software for Macs

If you’re looking into home automation you might want to consider Indigo 4.0 INSTEON-compatible software for Macs. The software works with INSTEON, X10 and their respective related devices and uses the existing wiring set-up in your home.

The list of features is impressive, with the ability to attach commands to an array of variables such as events being triggered by times, or by sunset or put it on a random schedule for when you’re on holiday. It will also allow for motion events such as switching lights off after x minutes of inactivity. If you remember us telling you about Light Show Master back in 2006(!), Indigo 4 has absorbed the features from this as Light Show Master is no longer available.

Remote access to the system is available online with a computer, or with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPhone/iPod app is free with the Indigo software and works seamlessly with it.

The major selling point of this software is that it was designed specifically for Macs, rather than Windows, although we suppose that’s also a con. Pricing is $180.

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Price: $179.98
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