How do I keep dogs and cats out of my yard?

Smarthome has many products to keep your yard free of unwelcomed dogs and cats. Place one or more of these products outside your home to humanely deter these animals and others from your yard and property.

Dogs and cats have much better hearing than do humans. They also are able to hear higher frequencies well above that of normal human hearing. Our best systems use ultrasonic sounds to irritate these animals. Once exposed to these high frequency sounds, the animals react by turning around and running the away. For humans, it would be like listening to a loud high-pitched sound.

Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repeller Our Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repeller is a battery operated, self-contained unit that is especially effective against cats. Operating off a single 9-volt battery for about a year, it contains a motion sensor that looks for movement up to 20 feet away. Once motion is detected, it turns on its powerful 124bB ultrasonic piezo siren for five seconds. It’s so strong and annoying that the animal quickly scampers off. If the animal returns later, it gets another blast. While loud and annoying to the animal, it is completely safe and will not damage the animal’s hearing. Place these repellers in your gardens, on porches, or anywhere you would like to keep dogs and cats from venturing into. Remember, since it is ultrasonic, it’s silent to humans.

YardContro Electronic Yard Fence
For better control, our YardContro Electronic Yard Fence will cover a 360-degree area around the sensor. This unit uses radar to detect movement up to 15 feet from the unit for a total coverage of 700 square feet. It also offers more adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of the ultrasonic sound. The alert sound frequency is adjustable from 8kHz to 50khz. The lower settings are perfect against humans and dogs. Settings in the middle are best for deer, cats, and other small ground mammals. The detection range or sensitivity is also adjustable. Running on four “D” cells, which should last about one year, the YardContro Electronic Yard Fence is completely weatherproof.

Pet Repelling Products These systems are just two of the products we offer in our Pest Repellant department on our web site. No matter if your problem pest has two to twelve legs, flies or crawls, eats up the garden or leaves surprises on the lawn; we have the technology to even the playing field. One important cautionary note, some of these systems need to be in service for two weeks or longer to be truly effective. Don’t expect the spiders to run away at the same speed a deer scampers off when exposed to these pest deterrents. Give them all some time to get under the skin of the pests before judging its effectiveness.

Reprinted with permission from Smarthome.COM