Daylight Saving Time may cause tech nuisance

You better dust off your Y2K kit and make sure your Y2K hidden bunker is ready… President Bush signed a bill extending Daylight Saving Time by two months starting in 2007 and who knows what will happen with our Gizmos! — I’m betting nothing!

President Bush today signed a bill that would extend Daylight Saving Time a total of one month each year, and likely cause no shortage of havoc with technology. In North America, Daylight Saving Time traditionally runs from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, with only a handful of regions refusing to recognize it. The new bill effectively pads both ends of the range, starting in 2007. You’ll be setting your clocks forward on the second Sunday in March, and you’ll be cranking it back on the first Sunday of November. And the whole time you’ll be thinking that you magically get more time out of the whole deal. At least, some people do.

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