Hitachi-LG Pack SSD and Blu-Ray into One Bay

Hitachi-LG has managed to come up with an improvement to one of their hybrid drives. They now offer a solution for customers where space and performance are equally key by combining an SSD with a Blu-Ray optical drive.

The idea behind it is that the Blu-Ray and SSD hybrid can fit into one bay and share just one SATA connector. Their initial model needed 2 SATAs but Hitachi-LG has now integrated them into one. This allows premium laptop makers to boost their storage memory and still include a Blu-Ray drive.

The drive is available in sizes from 8GB up to 256GB, but no word on price currently. The typical setup is to have the operating system and other key files to be held on the SSD with a different HDD in another bay being used for any user files. The drive will be hitting the shelves in May this year.