Guitar Rising: Video Game Uses a Real Guitar

I’m about to say one of my favorite phrases again. Ready? “It was just a matter of time.” Video game maker, GameTank is working on a guitar game called Guitar Rising a la Guitar Hero that uses a real guitar. Actually any guitar. Pretty sweet. Take a look at the video below. It should be out late this year.

Now in case you’re thinking that you can learn to play guitar by playing this game, then you’ve already forgotten about Guitar Wizard that we saw in January at CES. Guitar Wizard is actually meant to help you learn to play guitar in a game-like environment.

via Engadget.

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  1. As the popularity of rockband has proven, games with large peripherals and group play can make a profit.

    When can we expect something like Guitar Rising to turn into “Band Rising”–a multiplayer, multi-instrumental collaborative environment with on-line play? Consider how many garage bands would pay for the opportunity to play in front of anyone in the world by hosting a digital concert from their living room. The online multiplayer features of a music tutorial, challenge, and composition game would make a killing.

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