Google Voice now open to all US residents

As a long-time Grand Central user, I was thrilled when Google bought them, then disappointed when it seemed like Google had left it to die, then thrilled again when it re-opened as G Voice with a ton of new, cool and useful features.

Well, now I can share that excitement with the rest of you (US residents for now) that don’t have an account because it has been opened up for signups.

If you don’t know what Google Voice is, take a look at this 2 minute video. And we also highly recommend you take a look at the infographic that Google created. It captures the history of telephony in terms of cost, adoption and features.
Telephony through the years

I only have 2 things on my Google Voice wishlist:

  1. Better (much better!) voicemail transcriptions
  2. Number portability, so I can transfer my cell # to G Voice