Google sorts and compares Android phones in the Phone Gallery

Ah, finally, a nice way to compare all of those Android phones out there and from a reasonably authoritative source – Google. Google now has what they call the Google Phone Gallery that lists many of the most popular Android phones in the US, by carrier and by manufacturer.

You can select up to 3 of the phones to compare head-to-head. The comparison feature is absolutely necessary, but I would like to see a few additions:

  • be able to compare more than 3 phones
  • As more people start to use their phones for video conferencing, they’re going to want to front-facing cameras, so that should be another line-item in the list of features, and in addition to the rear-facing camera.
  • There should be some nice pop-up explanations of the features. For example, many phones now have accelerometers, but what does that let you do?
  • Linkify other things. For example, HTC Sense and TouchWiz. Unless you’re an Android geek, you may simply not know the difference, or even what they are.

But all in all, a much needed tool. Hopefully, they’ll start incorporating all of the other Android-based devices (i.e. tablets and eReaders) and start listing international models too.