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Don’t want to spend $600 on an iPhone, get locked into a 2 year contract and/or get stuck on AT&T’s network? Then how about getting an iPhone clone, like the CECT P168 or the Meizu miniOne? The tech product cloning business in China is alive and well and improving by the day to the point where they are taking popular gadgets and not only making models that look and work like the originals, but add features to them as well. Popular Science writer, Dan Koeppel, did an in-depth article on the subject, even going to China to talk with some of these very companies.

Here is a video of the CECT P168 where the narrator examines some of the features of this good-looking clone. Notice how it has 6 speakers and it looks like it probably has a removable battery and better still, is a tri-band phone.


Also on board is Meizu, one of the larger Chinese cloners. They’re set to launch the miniOne next year, which also looks and works remarkably like the iPhone. has a bunch of info and pics.

For around $300, you can join the iPhone crowd and get your almost-Apple fix. Based on the comments on this eBayer’s profile, looks like there are a lot of happy customers already. Apple stands to lose a lot of ground in Asia if they decide to release the iPhone over there, because by the time they do, there will already be a lot of folks walking with phones that they believe are either iPhones, good enough (or better), or even that perhaps this Apple company is the faker.

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