Gadget Phones Can Lead to Hi-Tech Headaches

By Brad Hudson

Idaho Falls – Americans love their cell phones, but consumer advocates say state-of-the-art gadgets can lead to high-tech headaches. The gadgets have e-mail, the internet, digital music players and much more, but all the add-ons increase the chances it will break. Up to 25 percent of new phones have a problem in the first year. If your phone breaks you may be stuck with.

“With a cell phone you’re also under a contract and unlike taking your dvd player back to the store and saying ‘i just want to return this,’ you can’t do the same with your cell phone once you go past the risk-free trial period,” says Janee Briesemeister with Consumers Union.

The wireless industry says it’s working to help customers work through the problems.

Another option is to insure the device. That costs about about $3 to $5 a month.