Finger Drums

Finger Drums The oldest drums discovered (so far) have been from around 6000BC. What this means is pretty clear: humans like hitting things; humans like music; and humans like hitting things to make music. We like hitting things too – and we love music. So good thing for everyone we found these Finger Drums. Stop hitting your mugs and monitor and telephone with pens and start tapping a real beat on your Finger Drums drum set.

Each drum set features five touch sensitive percussive instruments. You get three smaller drums (snare and two toms), bass drum (with working pedal), and crash cymbal. All you have to do is hit them with your fingers to get a beat a-rockin’. You’ll also get a mini light show, as each drum (and cymbal) lights up on impact. And the super cool thing is the record feature. Got a good riff going? Then record it and play it back ad nausuem. This feature has many uses, but we find it’s perfect for joke telling. Record your own sting and play it back after each punch line. Drums make all jokes funnier. Even yours.


Suggested Price: $24.99