Ethernet LinkCheck

Ethernet LinkCheck Have you ever been under a desk to plug your computer into the network to discover that there for four, six or even eight possibilities to chose from? Starting from the upper right side of the data links you plug in your RJ45 cable, get up from under the desk and discover you have no link. Slight grumbles escape your mouth as you dive on to the thinly carpeted cement floor to plug your ethernet cable into the next port under the desk. After a couple times your knees begin to ache and your pants are dirty but you finally find that elusive active port!

You can save your knees and take only one trip below or behind the desk you need to plug your computer into the network with this handy little gizmo called the Ethernet LinkCheck. Plug in the LinkCheck until either the 10Mb or 100Mb indicator lights up and then plug in your ethernet cable and you’re on the network (provided the connection has DHCP or you know the network settings that need to be entered on your computer).


Suggested Price: $39.99