Felston Audio Synchronizer

Felston Audio Synchronizer This is too sweet… I never knew anything like this existed but have you ever noticed how the picture and sound are sometimes out of sync while watching TV? Irritating isn’t it? This is known as lip sync error. And if you think you are alone with this problem, think again. Lip sync error affects a huge number of users of modern plasma TVs, LCD screens, DLP TVs and digital projectors. Felston’s digital audio delays solve the frustrating problem of lip sync error for anyone with an A/V amplifier or home theater system.

Felston digital audio delays work together with your existing A/V amplifier. It is compatible with any source that has a digital audio output, i.e.: any DVD player and many cable/satellite/HDTV receiver boxes. Sources with stereo (analog) audio output, e.g.: older cable/satellite receivers, can also be connected via a low-cost analog-to-digital converter.

The Felston unit connects between your source and A/V amplifier. It delays the audio signal reaching your amplifier by whatever you require so that sound and picture are once again in perfect sync.


Suggested Price: $209.99

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