Every other day I have at least one junk fax sitting on my home office fax machine. I really hate that. Seriously, I really hate junk faxes but what can you do besides just turning off the fax?

Luckily someone created the FaxFirewall! The FaxFirewall acts as a spam filter for your faxes. The FaxFirewall has a console that uses Caller ID so you can choose which faxes can get through. The device creates a database using incoming and outgoing calls and also has a timer to screen faxes during specific time periods.

This will work for screening calls and/or screening faxes.

The FaxFirewall connects in between your fax machine and the wall, and its clock sets automatically with the first call.

Add numbers to your database using their inbound caller ID information or dial the numbers directly. Calls can have either an “invite” or “exclude” tag to instruct the FaxFirewall how to respond. You can also accept or reject all number from a certain area code or exchange using the wildcard feature.

Use your Caller ID to eliminate certain phone calls, to route specific calls to specific phones, or to prevent certain calls from getting through during dinner hours with the Caller ID Manager Combo Pack (sold separately).

Caller ID is a service provided by your phone company for a fee.

Price: $134.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)