Media Bridge for Gizmos powered by Linux

Unicon System's M-Bridge The first media bridge for gizmos such as PMPs, PSPs, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and iPods that will free gizmo users from having to use computers to transfer media files is being released by Unicon Systems. Wired transfers can be made using MCopy and MBridge will allow users to transfer files wirelessly.

Both devices run off Unicon System’s Linux kernel and supports a variety of filesystems supporting USB devices. The platform’s windowing system uses Microwindows Nano-X server which includes a full-screen graphical filemanager, a web server, mysql, php, webdav and xml/rdf libraries.

The MCopy is expected to ship mid-year, priced at $110 while the MBridge is expected to ship in October, 2006, priced at $160.

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