eyeTV Lets You Watch and Record Broadcast TV on your Mac

Elegato’s EyeTV for Mac allows you to watch and record TV broadcast via standard signals onto your Mac. The signal accepted by the adaptors varies as there are a few different types to meet your needs. While the devices are priced between $100 and $200 depending on the version, it does mean that you don’t have to buy a separate TV for that room and so you can save yourself some dollars.

We’ll have a brief look at the different versions here.

eyeTV HD DVR allows you to watch, record and edit from cable and satellite in high definition by connecting your Mac up to your receiver. It also gives you full access to all your premium subscription content and comes with an infrared remote. The software also allows you to record in a format that is readily usable on iPads and iPhones for extra ease.

eyeTV Hybrid lets you watch and record TV from basic cable or antenna hooked up to your Mac and takes the form of a ridiculously small USB stick.

eyeTV 250 Plus is the solution for watching digital TV on your Mac. This tuner lets you receive the free to air digital TV broadcasts, as well as traditional unscrambled analog signals. It can also act as an alternative VHS to DVD converter for those of you that still have those pesky video tapes lying around.

Finally, eyeTV One Computer Tuner lets you receive and record live HDTV on your Mac by wiring it up to both your computer and antennae.

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Price: $169.99 (eyeTV HD)
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