The eReader Comparison Report – eBook Readers go Head-to-Head

eReaders (eBook Readers) have been all the rage this year as more and more vendors have joined what seems to be a massive land grab for mindshare and of course market share. However, there really are only a handful of vendors and products commanding this industry right now.

We take the top ones including the Kindle (and Kindle DX), Barnes & Noble NOOK (and NOOKcolor), Sony Readers, Borders’ Kobo and of course the Apple iPad, and compare them head-to-head.

We also tell you which reader to pick based on what your main interests and/or needs are. This valuable report is yours free when you subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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We know that this is the sort of information to go out of date relatively quickly and we plan to update this as new information and products become available. Stay subscribed and stay in touch!


  1. Is there ever going to be a reader that you can annotate in your own handwriting on the page itself just as one would write in a book?

    1. The iriver cover story allows this. The only disadvantage to these touch screen writable ereaders is that the touch sensitive layer can make the screen a little more reflective in certain lighting conditions.

  2. The Sony eReaders allow you to annotate by hand as well as some apps on the iPad. Additionally, some of the lesser known (not as popular or with as much support) brands contain this feature too including Hanvon, Fujitsu and Foxconn.

  3. The Kindle 3g wifi is my absolute favourite. I did consider the Sony pocket edition before I bought it but am glad I stuck to the Kindle because I think I would have found the smaller display a bit too small.

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