Eneloop Adds Sophistication to Portable Chargers

Eneloop ChargerIn the past, portable charging devices running off a couple of AA batteries have been, for the most part, dodgy. You could pick them up in supermarkets for $10 and they wouldn’t have given you anywhere near enough power to switch your dead phone back on.

Sanyo has brought the battery-powered charger into 2010 by introducing their new Eneloop charging device. The Eneloop runs off AA batteries, but rechargeable Ni-Mh AAs, rather than disposable ones, that can be recharged by plugging the Eneloop into your laptop or other USB charger.

The Eneloop has immediately put itself a cut above its competition by supplying very high quality Ni-Mh cells with the charger that don’t leak over time.

The design is a very sophisticated yet simple tube that wouldn’t look out of place anywhere including a professional’s briefcase. Price might be an issue for some people, currently retailing just shy of $50.

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Price: $46.80
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