Definitive Technology Shows Off Mindblowingly Thin Speaker System

Definitive Technology Mythos SpeakerWhen OLED technology became mainstream TVs slimmed down very quickly with competitors trying to out-do each other on a weekly basis. One thing that’s never particularly caught up with this slim TV phase is slim speakers to match.

It’s all very well have floor speakers that are huge, but when you’ve got your TV on your wall and want to put some uber slim speakers up there too it’s difficult to find them.

The Mythos XTR-50 from Definitive Technology will hopefully change that as they are offering speakers at just 38mm thick for wall-mounting next to your TV. They come in different set ups to allow for them at the sides of the TV, underneath it, or on stands dotted around your room.

It’s a well-known fact that if you choose a slim TV you undoubtedly sacrifice sound quality so adding this speakers to your home theatre set up will allow you to keep the slim looks and not compromise that all important sound.

Now for the juicy tech specs. The speakers feature XTDD technology which is patented by Definitive Technology allowing them to utilise every single space within the speaker to its maximum to produce a huge frequency range and dynamic impact.

Speakers are priced individually at $700 each and subwoofers $900 so to go for the 5.1 set up you’ve got to have over $3,500 knocking around. From what they’re saying it should be worth it though.

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Price: $699.99
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