Court Refuses to Delay VoIP E911 Deadline

After several highly publicized incidents where VoIP users were unable to connect to a live emergency dispatcher by calling 911, the FCC ordered VoIP providers to certify the VoIP users will be able to reach a live emergency dispatcher when calling 911 as well as allowing the dispatchers to be able to identify the caller’s phone number and location by November 28th.

With just a few days left before the the FCC guidelines are suppose to be met, a group of providers who believe the regulations are unreasonable and afraid that their users will need to be disconnected, appealed the guidelines.

Earlier today, the US Court of Appeals for DC denied the motion filed two weeks ago requiring VoIP providers to provide full 911 service for their users.

Luckily for the VoIP providers, FCC officials clarified their position just last week saying that current customers will not be disconnected but that no new customers and marketing of new customers in areas where full 911 services are not in effect must ceast on November 28th.

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