Sampro 26″ HD-Ready LCD-TV – with ethernet

Sampro 26

Sampo Professional has a line of LCD TVs and plasma displays with ethernet connections so your TV can have an IP address. What is your TV going to do with an IP address? Well, when you are not using the TV and it has some extra time, it can do online banking, check out the Gizmos for Geeks website while web surfing and send email.

Actually, users can control the displays through a current wired or wireless connection using a web browser. People can turn the power on or off, pop up PIP (picture in picture), sound adjustments, etc… Sampo Professional hopes to tap into the emerging video applications market such as video conferencing, security alerts, distance leanring and video on demand with a line of IP addressable TVs.

MotionDSC® Digital Image Processor with IISâ„¢ – Sampo Professional’s MotionDSC Digital Image Processor provides advanced features such as IIS (Intelligent Image Scaling), 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down processing and Adaptive Motion De-interlacing to deliver the best video quality possible.

2-Year Warranty – With 35 years experience as a major OEM manufacturer of highly reliable multimedia monitors and digital displays, you’ll probably never need to use this. But, it’s nice to know it’s there!

RS232 and RJ45 Control Interfaces – Sampo Professional’s Remote Management Console enables complete control of the monitor throughout the display network through standard RS232 and RJ45 network interfaces. Remote network control of video displays has never been easier.

Advanced Installation Options – Ideal for high-traffic installations, Sampo Professional’s digital displays features various advanced installation options for the professional installer including front panel lock, default input selection, default volume input lock, SmartIDâ„¢ and Quick Menu.

Value Packed – Performance and reliability are only a fraction of the Sampo Professional advantage. Value-added features including a built-in NTSC television tuner and advanced audio processing technologies make Sampo Professional displays the best value in digital display technology.

Price: $1499
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)