Pocket Rocket Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive 1GB

 Pocket Rocket Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive 1GB

With speeds up to 18MB/s for Reading and 15MB/s for Writing, you can runs applications and play MP3s directly off the keychain drive. Featuring a gold tip, the flash drive comes with a rotating cap to protect the flash drive from dust, vibration and moisture damage.

Regardless of which flash drive you purchase (check out our Current Deals section for deals on flash drives), every Geek should have a flash drive of at least 512MB or 1GB if not more. These flash drives provide a great backup of your important personal data not to mention the ability to quickly move files from one computer to another.

The Pocket Rocket has an 18MB/s Read and 15MB/s Write speed, premium-grade SLC memory that lasts 10 times longer than standard drives, and a lifetime warranty.

The Pocket Rocket is a high quality, high capacity, high speed USB flash drive with a never-lose swivel cap that will allow you to transport or back-up digital files without worrying about damage from dust, vibration or moisture.

Price: $73.94
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