ConvertMovie 2.1 as Part of Your Digital Memory-keeping and Sharing

MOVAVI today announces the release of ConvertMovie 2.1. If you are like most families, you have been taking many home movie videos. Over the years, you have recorded many precious digital memories, containing baby’s first steps, birthday parties, weddings, and other occasions which you would like to share with other people, or preserve for a lifetime of enjoyment. In just a few steps, ConvertMovie will help you convert these videos to the format, which is most suitable for sharing via cell phones, PDA, Portable Media Centers, internet, CDs and DVDs.

“ConvertMovie is perfect for home users, who may successfully use it as part of their digital memory-keeping and sharing experience,” says Sergey Pavlishin, Founder and CEO of MOVAVI. “With this software in place, you gain a handful of useful abilities, including rapid conversion to all popular video formats, extraction of soundtracks from video files, and finally, an ability to join several video files into one large movie. All these abilities are delivered in a nice, intuitive interface that leaves all complexity behind the scene.”

Ideas for the use of ConvertMovie 2.1

1. Share and view videos on your cell phone, PDA, or Portable Media Center If you have PDA, Portable Media Center, or a cell phone, you can use it to share your digital experiences with your relatives, friends, colleagues, or simply watch videos yourself when you are on the move. Use ConvertMovie to convert a video to the WMV format, which is most suitable for mobile devices. Then, you connect your mobile device to a PC, and, using the synchronization software, you copy the output to your mobile device. Have fun!

2. Create your own VCD, SVCD or DVD disks VCD and DVD disks are good for preserving our memories for a lifetime. Besides, they make nice gifts that you can present to your friends or colleagues. Making a disk involves conversion of your video to the MPEG format, which is compatible with VCD and DVD. This is where ConvertMovie steps in. You can easily prepare video files for publication. If they are too many, simply use the batch conversion mode and have them processed automatically. The last thing is to use a CD/DVD burner like ChiliBurner ( to burn the output.

3. Record soundtracks from your favorite DVD movies Have “Coyote Ugly” on your DVD disk and love “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” theme by LeAnn Rimes? Now, you can use ConvertMovie to extract your favorite soundtrack and save it as MP3 or WAV. When you have the record, you can upload it to your MP3 player or cell phone and listen to it wherever you go. And this is not all. Find other ideas on how to use ConvertMovie at Good luck!

ConvertMovie Pricing and Availability ConvertMovie 2.1 runs under Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP and costs $29.95 (USD) for a personal license, and $59.95 (USD) for a business license. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Licensed customers are entitled to priority technical support and free minor version updates. Additional information on ConvertMovie 2.1, online help, tutorials, as well as a no-cost fully functional evaluation version is available from

Buy ConvertMovie For Less ConvertMovie may be purchased as part of MOVAVI Suite Edition. This lets you save 70% on the total cost of all products included into the edition. MOVAVI Suite Edition contains all you need for professional-quality video production at home. This includes EnhanceMovie, SplitMovie, ConvertMovie, DVDPizza, AUDINI Converter and CD Burner. All this and electronic documentation is distributed on a CD. Learn more at

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