CES 2011: Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor Wins “People’s Choice Award”

Barnes & Noble's NOOKcolor Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor won the “People’s Choice Award” at the Last Gadget Standing competition in Las Vegas at CES 2011. With over 60% of total votes and 5,000 votes by consumers and technology lovers online, the NOOKcolor won in a landslide.

In addition to winning the “People’s Choice Award”, the gadget was selected as a top ten finalist in the Last Gadget Standing competition from over 200 consumer electronics products and was nominated by leading technology media representatives.

“We’re thrilled and honored that the people have spoken and chosen NOOKcolor as the Last Gadget Standing “People’s Choice Award” winner. This recognition is further testament to the innovative product we’ve created that delivers the ultimate reading experience,” said Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products, Barnes & Noble. “It’s clear that people are excited to read everything they love – books, magazines, newspapers, kids books and more – in rich beautiful color as NOOKcolor has quickly become our bestseller. We’re grateful to all the employees and partners who worked tirelessly on the product in order to bring NOOKcolor to our valued customers.”

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[Barnes and Noble Press Release]

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