CES 2011: Top Gadgets Honored at CES

Last Gadget Standing As CES starts to wind down, the official CES awards were presented for the top gadgets at the “Last Gadget Standing” competition.

The NOOKcolor was honored with the “People’s Choice Award” with the popular Nook eReader’s foray into a full-screen color touchscreen. Votes were cast online by tech enthusiasts.

In the Gaming category, Nintendo took home top honors to no surprise with the Nintendo 3DS which is the next generation DS videogame handset allowing 3D play without having to wear glasses. The Nintendo 3DS is expected to ship in the first half of the new year to crowds similar to those that waited for the Nintendo Wii when that first came out.

In the Digital Imaging category, a Sony “HandyCam” video recorder with a built-in project captured the top spot while the Casio Tryx digital camera won the Slickest Gadget Design.

Intel managed to win the Best Computer Innovation with their new generation of “Sandy Bridge” chips that enable quick handling of data-rich video and games while also providing the ability to stop film piracy.

The Car category top honor was received by a Toyota Entune for creating fun and helpful software applications to use while driving.

Vizio managed to win the TV category with a Vizio TV featuring Internet television from Google and online videogames from OnLive.

The “People’s Voice” award went to the Razor Switchblade laptop that provides full desktop computer gaming power in a small “netbook” thanks to votes logged on the Internet and a dual-screen Acer Iconia laptop that includes a second screen and touch controlled keyboard

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