CES 2008: Innovation Illusion with Aquallusion, the iTube Light

While wandering through CES Unveiled, the official press event of CES where 80 leading technology companies that were Innovations Design and Engineering Honorees, the Geeks encountered an overly-zealous sales pitch for something called the iTube Light. Read on for more including a video of it.

“It’s the next generation lava lamp (heard that before with the LaserPod) with an incredible soundsystem built-in” was the start of the pitch. Unfortunately other than the fact the “next generation lava lamp” allows MP3 players to hook into it via USB and “dance to the music”, this product had nothing to offer except a $249 price tag. We figured that a press event like Unveiled tauting the latest and greatest in the CE marketplace would include innovators and the iTube Light is YAiA (Yet Another iPod Accessory) external speaker where the company created light effects that move to sound. While the Geeks did not get close enough to demo and listen to the iTube Light, the small speaker located in the base of the product cannot provide an high end audio experience in our humble little opinions.

I’m sure Aquallusion will end up selling a fair number of their iTube Light and they will go on to continue making additional iPod/MP3 accessories but they won’t change the world.

Doesn’t the world have enough iPod/MP3 accessories? Sometimes more can be less