CES 2008: Pinnacle Video Transfer records video directly to your handheld

Pinnacle Systems unveiled a small handheld device called the Pinnacle Video Transfer that would let consumers easily record video from a TV, DVD player, PVR, camcorder or set-top box directly to their iPod Video, iPod nano (3rd generation), Sony PSP or a USB flash drive. You can select 1 of 3 video quality modes which of course dictates how large the video will be on the destination device. On the input side, the Video Transfer has composite video, and an S-video input, and USB on the output.  Hit the jump to see more pics.

The Video Transfer product is definitely nice and easy to operate. Plug in and hit a button. It’s a pseudo competitor to the Neuros OSD, but of course, is not as rich in features or customization. It will be available in mid-January from the Pinnacle website and other e-tail and retail stores for US$129.