CES 2008: Gatekeeper Pico – Hardened Linux in a USB Shell

Yoggie PicoAs IT Security Geeks, one of the vendors the Geeks had to visit was Yoggie Security Systems. Yoggie’s Gatekeeper Pico was described as the “next generation of Internet Security” and is a Linux-based (520MHz computer) USB key-size security tool with 12 built-in security applications. Yoggie also has a Gatekeeper Pico Pro which is designed to off-load installed security software from your PC that extends corporate-level security to mobile laptops.

Yoggie’s security posture can be set using one of three templates or can be more granular depending on the level of user knowledge with security applications like Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus, Snort’s Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Sourcefire’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Mailshell Inc.’s spam-filtering and anti-phishing software, SurfControl for web filtering and the digital infrastructure is supplied by VeriSign providing the following protection for laptops outside a safe environment:

  • Block Internet threats outside before reaching your PC
  • Hides your PC from hackers
  • Boosts your PC’s performance because you don’t have to add software protection
  • Dual flash memory that reloads the OS every time you use from ROM (Read-Only Memory) so the OS cannot be corrupted by hackers
  • Plug and Forget installation
  • Automatic Security Software updates
  • Parental Controls

Yoggie also has a Management Server which can monitor and manage the Gatekeeper Pico Pro devices providing security policy updates, signatures and rule-based updates while collecting logs.

Yoggie has created an interesting product that hopefully the Geeks will be able to get their hands on to play with in more depth. I’d love to see a large corporation actually using their Pro product, but their Gatekeeper Pico product is great for the personal traveller especially if you use public PCs (at school or Internet cafes).

The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico retails for $179 and the Gatekeeper SOHO retails for $249. For corporations, the Gatekeeper Pico Pro MSRP’s for $199 and the Gatekeeper Pro costs $220. The Yoggie Pico Management Server runs around $5000.