CES 2008: Digeo shows off upcoming Moxi products

We also spoke w/ Digeo at CES Unveiled who were showing off some new Moxi products that may hit shelves this year. They were guarded about timeframes and pricing. Digeo is well known for their Moxi DVR and program guide products that have been traditionally integrated into cable TV set-top boxes, but now they are trying to make the leap into their own products. Read on for more info and photos.

First up is the Moxi Home Cinema HD DMR product which is a High Def media recorder/DVR that is cable ready. Here are the additional bells and whistles that it integrates: DVD/CD slot for DVD, CD and MP3 playback; external hard drive (eSATA) support that supports up to 1TB of external storage; DVD up-scaling to 720p; integrated D2 audio 5.1 digital amplifier with speaker connections; view your Flickr albums; play games; on-demand Web video content; stream music and photos from your PC; HDMI connector; GB Ethernet.

Similar in class is the Moxi Multi-Room HD DMR which has all of the features of the Home Cinema as well as cableCARD support so you can ditch your cable TV companies set-top box. Its other major feature as evidenced by its name is the ability to get to and control all of the content on the main box by hooking up the Moxi Mate box to a TV in a 2nd room.