CES 2007: What to Bring (Particularly if You’re Press)

Because we got here and thought we were prepared and still found ourselves missing stuff, I’ve put together a little list of things to remember to bring, particularly if you’re a member of the press and are covering the show.

You need a laptop for your hotel room even if you use the USB thumbdrive technique w/ portable apps during the day. You may still not be able to get one of the press room machines. Another thing to keep in mind is that while it’s getting better, WiFi can be spotty, so having an EVDO card or cell phone w/ a tether cable may be huge.

  • Laptop – get a light one, preferrably under 5lbs.
  • Extra battery and/or external Powersticktype thing
  • Power adapter for laptop
  • Portable mouse
  • Digital camera w/ enough memory and extra battery and charger
  • Video camera [Possibly, although becoming really necessary now]
  • Portable music/video player w/ headphones – it can be really noise in the press rooms or on the show floor
  • Good laptop backpack or saddle bag w/ good straps
  • Power Strip/Surge Protector for your hotel room
  • Cargo pants are not a bad idea!
  • Vitamins, cold medicine, throat lozenges, Advil/Tylenol, chapstick
  • Business cards
  • A (practically empty) extra bag/suitcase to bring back the press kits, brochures and swag that you score
  • Notepad – one of the narrow ones that are easy to hold in one hand, with rings. In case you forget, you may be able to snag one from the press room. Update: what you really want to get is a Livescribe smartpen – either the Pulse or the newer Echo. Taking notes with the attached audio conversation is priceless!
  • Snacks for your hotel room – the hotels’ convenience stores are ridiculously expensive.
  • Networking equipment for your room, like a wireless router or other similar device so you can blog on your bed.
  • Voice/audio recorder. Perhaps one of these iPod microphone accessories.
  • Your CES Badge!

When you’re there:

  • Be sure about the weather in Vegas before leaving your jacket/coat at home or in the room – we’ve had 20 degree shifts overnight.
  • If you’re doing lunch in the press room, don’t wait until the end to go get it – it will be gone.
  • If you pick up the Twice Daily newspaper, go through it at night, b/c half of it is advertising and you don’t want to lug those home.
  • Try to get those press kits on a CD, or find out if it’s available on the vendor’s website. If it’s in hardcopy, give them a card and ask them to send it to you.
  • Pace yourself. You can not see everything, even in 4 days. Hopefully, you’ve planned well in advance. Schedule time to eat, sleep, blog/write and even kick back.

Be sure to check out Chief Gizmateer’s tips on planning for CES and how to proceed while you’re here.

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