Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II

Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II with WiFi Accessory You can start saving on your electricity bill right away with a PowerCost Monitor. No electrician is required as the Monitor is easy to install and includes a large portable display and even WIFI connectivity allowing you to analyze trends on line with your own real time data. You can use the portable monitor to diagnose the details and compare results with others to start reducing your monthly electricity bill.

The Blue Line Innovations device can feed data to Microsoft Holm. Microsoft Holm provides energy reports including an overview of your annual energy usage and how your home energy costs match up to other homes in your area via information automatically provided by the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor.

Microsoft Holm

Check out if your meter is a match for the simple two step install process. The PowerCost Monitor™ works by ‘seeing’ the moving disk or digital meter – which is visible on most meters. The sensor is compatible with most AMR, AMI, “Smart Meters”. The PowerCost Monitor™ is compatible with most circular meters, standard in North America, and also is compatible with analog (electromechanical discs) and digital meters. Essentially if the sensor can “see” the disc or the optical port then high potential for compatibility.

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