Black Garden Lights/Speakers Set

Black Garden Lights/Speakers Set

What a novel idea… hiding speakers in outdoor lighting! Long gone are the days where you have to place a fake boulder in your backyard to get music but speakers are hidden in the outdoor lights. Music is transmitted wirelessly to the the amplified receiver which doubles as the low-voltage transformer and then transmitted with via wire to the various speaker lights.

I can’t help thinking how great this would be on Halloween night…

This “LiteSounds” wireless outdoor speaker system eliminates the need to run wires from your home stereo to the speakers. The portable transmitter connects to any audio player: Plug it into a stereo, MP3 player, or TV to play your favorite tunes or audio from a cable music channel. The transmitter broadcasts audio signals through walls and doors, delivering high-quality sound to the outdoor speaker system located up to 100 feet away. The transmitter can be powered by the included adapter or four AA batteries (sold separately).

The weatherproof outdoor module houses the wireless audio receiver, a 100-watt audio amplifier and a 100-watt low-voltage lighting transformer. Set up the two outdoor speaker lights and the four landscape lights around your listening area. The set includes 50 feet of speaker and lighting cable for flexibility in placement.

Unlike many landscape lighting systems, the Garden Lights/Speakers Set uses low-voltage lighting, so you won’t be wasting electricity after dark. The lighting controller features a built-in photocell, so you can set the lights to turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

Price: $259.99
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