Outdoor Dual Beam w/Piezo Sounder

Outdoor Dual Beam w/Piezo Sounder

I know this is meant to be an outdoor motion sensor but I can see so many different applications for this product. First of all, you could use it for its intended purpose such as putting on the inside of a gate or fence to sound an alarm when someone breaches your space. You could also place out near your plants that deer tend to eat to scare the deer away. If you leave your garage door open, you can keep various critters from coming inside your garage.

Some other useful applications include practicing your cat burgular skills by setting up a couple in your family room and performing various gymnastics moves to circumvent the IR beams.

When it comes to work you could always use these as a security alarm for when you’re surfing at work and don’t want someone to sneak into your office or cube. Better yet, you could place this inside a stall in the bathroom… imagine the hilarity when someone who really has to go opens the door and gets blasted by a 70dB piezo sounder!

The Outdoor Dual Beam w/Piezo Sounder includes two units that send IR beams to each other. When the beams are broken, the motion detectors send a signal to your alarm system, and their internal 70dB sounder is triggered for 15 seconds. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, the Outdoor Dual Beam w/Piezo Sounder is completely waterproof and has built-in light reduction filters for use in any weather.

A tamper switch signals the alarm panel when the cover is removed. Additional features include an indicator LED that illuminates in alarm conditions.

Price: $164.99
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