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Gizmos for Geeks Partnering with Deniath

Deniath The Geeks are excited to announce a new partnership with Deniath.

Who is Deniath? Deniath offers invitation-only access to exclusive 72-hour deals for Geeks like us! You’ve probably seen similar daily deal and flash sale sites before featuring deals on fashion, décor, luxury travel, and spa deals but Deniath tailors to the Geek nation with deals on toys, games, gadgets, art and pop-culture collectibles. Learn more about the brands that help fuel our obsessions for all things geek and discover new products to collect and play with.

The partnership with Deniath allows Gizmos for Geeks readers exclusive sneak peeks, special invite promotions, and other fun promos.

Typically, you would have to be invited by a current member or request an invite through the waitlist since the site is a members only site for superheros, ninjas and secret agents, but the Geeks and Deniath are kicking off the partnership with our first invite promo! By March 19th, 2012, you need to simply email [email protected] with “Gizmos for Geeks” in the subject line to receive a free and quick invite.

Take advantage of our partnership and setup your Deniath membership on the Geeks so you can check out today’s deal of the Xappr as featured on Gizmodo, uncrate and Engadget. The Xappr Gun by Metal Compass is a pre-order item which will retail for $34.99 but can be yours for the Deniath price of $24.99 (more than 50 units must be purchased for anyone to get the deal).

Happy hunting!

Keep New Year Resolutions using Technology

Happy New Year!

For some, a new year is time to start anew. Perhaps last year was particularly rough with relationships or monetarily or perhaps there were physical or mental issues that put a damper on 2011 but with the start of a new year we can start all over and work towards a better you in 2012!

Here are 10 ways you can improve yourself and keep your New Year’s Resolutions by using Technology:

1 Habits 2012 – Reach your Goals with this highly customizable Habits app. In Habits 2012, the app offers a habits-focused set of items such as “Live a Healthy Life” that allows you to daily track the various tasks required to reach you goal. For example, have you flossed and did you sleep at least 7 hours? If you’d like to use a broader set of items like customizable, visual scales then you can move up to the developer’s Track & Share app, which comes in a Pro and Lite version. (Pricing options from Free to $0.99)

Cool New Jobs at Smarthome and LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Geek 4 Sale Are you the type of person that looks forward to plane trips so you can get your hands on Skymall Magazine? Do you get excited when gadget blog newsletters hit your email box? Did you make a cylon pumpkin with working eyes you soldered together using Larson Scanner plans for Halloween?

If so, you might want to check out Smarthome’s open position for New Product Category Specialist. The Geeks have toured Smarthome’s HQ and it looks like a cool place to work.

Smarthome is also looking to fill an iOS Developer position so brush up on your Cocoa and XCode and and head over to Smarthome’s Career site.

While we’re talking about cool jobs, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta recently began searching for its Master Model Builder. The attraction will host several rounds of auditions to select the most qualified builder to become a full-time employee.

This unconventional job provides an opportunity to turn a beloved childhood pastime into a dream career, and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta looks forward to incorporating such talent and enthusiasm into its family-focused and interactive experience. If this sounds like the gig for you, head over to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta on Facebook at and filling out the online application.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Kindle Owner's Lending Library Amazon announced a new benefit for Kindle owners that have an Amazon Prime membership called the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Those eligible can choose from thousands of books to borrow up to a book a month with no due dates and no additional cost as a value-add to the Amazon Prime membership.

The Amazon Prime membership remains $79 a year, which gives you free two-day shipping on millions of products, plus unlimited instant streaming of almost 13,000 movies and TV shows.

Google Sidewiki Shutting Down

Google sidewiki The latest Google project to be discontinuing and shutting down is the Google Sidewiki. Google Sidewiki was a browser sidebar that enabled people to contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page available as a feature in Google Toolbar.

According to the announcement, Google Sidewiki will be shut down and all content deleted on December 5, 2011 and included a link so contributors can export their Sidewiki entries.

iPhone Dropped to Third

Blackberry Broken According to Wireless Week, HTC shipped the most smartphones in the US in Q3 2011 with 5.7 million smartphones shipped. Samsung shipped 4.9 million and Apple shipped 4.6 million providing Android a number one and two spot in US shipments. RIM continues the free slide dropping to under 10% share of shipments.

With the Apple 4S release at the beginning of this quarter, Apple should reach the #1 spot again for new shipments during Q4 2011. With that said, the aggregated mobile OS view will remain in the favor of Android supported by multiple manufacturers.

Additionally, according to Information Week, Android has surpassed the iPhone in App downloads holding 44% of App downloads while Apple clings to a 31% download share.

Addicted to the iPad?

Throughout my life I’ve been a short-term memory gadget lover (luh-vah). When I first get my hands on a new gadget I act like Lenny Small from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men as I love and hug my new gadget almost to the point of killing it (how many mice did Lenny go through by the way?). The initial excitement of the new gadget tends to wane as time progresses to the point I typically run across the gadget a year after purchasing wondering what the hell I was thinking when I thought the gadget would be useful in my life. With that said, I’ve run across a few winners that coincidentally tend to winners in the overall consumer market but I would venture to guess for every 25 gadgets I buy, I may have 1 gadget winner that I’ll still be using a year after purchase. I might have a gadget problem.

Apparently, sometime in the past year and a half I managed to become totally dependent on my iPad. How did this happen? Sure, the iPad is cool but a coolness factor alone won’t hold my attention for a year and a half – I’m slightly immune to cool, after all I’m a geek. So why did I become addicted to the iPad?

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