Santa gets Hacked!

Not sure if Anonymous is at it again, but someone hacked Santa and stole the Naughty List. Enjoy!

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iPhone Dropped to Third

According to Wireless Week, HTC shipped the most smartphones in the US in Q3 2011 with 5.7 million smartphones shipped. Samsung shipped 4.9 million and Apple shipped 4.6 million providing Android a number one and two spot in US shipments. RIM continues the free slide dropping to under 10% share of shipments. With the Apple… Continue reading iPhone Dropped to Third

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Addicted to the iPad?

Throughout my life I’ve been a short-term memory gadget lover (luh-vah). When I first get my hands on a new gadget I act like Lenny Small from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men as I love and hug my new gadget almost to the point of killing it (how many mice did Lenny go through by… Continue reading Addicted to the iPad?

The world lost some of its magic today…

One of the world’s few true visionaries passed away today. Regardless of what people thought of Apple products, no one can deny the passion and profound impact Steve Jobs made on the world from the Macintosh to the iPad.