AuraGrid Home Network Extension Kit

by Doug Felteau on March 25, 2007

AuraGrid Home Network Extension Kit

Does your wireless network cut off in certain spots in your house? These dead spots always seem to occur in the worst places like on your bed or in your favorite recliney-type chair (my favorite reclining chair is called “DRM” because I’d like to sit on it).

AuraGrid Home Network Extension Kit will allow you to extend your wireless to cover these dead spots by distributing the signals over standard coaxial cables. Setup takes mere minutes so you’ll be able to sit on “DRM” in no time with faster file transfers by eliminating interference.


The AuraGrid Home Network Extension Kit’s 4-way duplexer/splitter screws easily into your cable line where it enters the home. The same wiring that sends cable TV to the rooms in your home will distribute wireless RF signals, as well. Use one of the included extension units to connect your router to the AuraGrid, and wire the additional extensions into the cable entry point of the rooms to be connected. Each comes with an antenna: Rooms that are equipped with an AuraGrid antenna will enjoy maximum wireless signal strength as well as data throughput without interrupting cable TV/Internet services.

Price: $89.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)