Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Kit w/USB Adapter

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Kit w/USB Adapter

I gave up on my voice-activated home automation system a couple years ago as both my blood pressure and volume of my voice would continue to climb but the damn office light wouldn’t dim as I commanded. I felt like the boss at the end of the first show of The IT Crowd (brilliant British sitcom about geeks).

Anyway, the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array Microphone automatically locates and electronically steers toward you when you talk allowing you to move around during a speech or teleconference -OR- in my case you can use the Microphone to control your home automation system whether you’re home or not.

The included USB adapter lets you take full advantage of HomeSeer Automation Software: Plug the adapter into your computer’s port, and use voice commands to control your home automation system.

The Voice Tracker works like a headset to improve signal-to-noise ratios in two ways. First, its digital signal processor creates a listening beam that focuses on the talker and spatially filters noise from other directions. Second, its proprietary noise reduction algorithms filter out background noise and reverberations that are present in the acoustic environment. Several talkers can take part in teleconferencing, thanks to the Voice Tracker, since it rapidly steers to the individual participants as they put their two cents in. The Voice Tracker also has a special feature that desensitizes the microphone to sounds coming from preselected directions, so even with construction work going on next door, your voice will come through clearly. With no moving parts, the Voice Tracker is rugged, reliable, and easy to use. No software needs to be loaded, and there is no drain on your computer’s processing capacity.

Price: $299.99
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