Archerfish Solo State-of-the-Art Motion Detection Surveillance Camera

Archerfish is an advanced wireless surveillance system that can be accessed from a variety of devices. All you need to do is set up your Archerfish camera in an area you want to monitor and when it detects any sort of motion it filters it.

The filter works like this; if you’re simply looking out for people coming to your front door then a car driving past or up your driveway won’t activate the surveillance. Archerfish can tell the difference between the general different types of motion.

When the specified motion has been detected then Archerfish will notify you by your smartphone as to what’s happening. You can then log in to the portal and watch the video direct from your smartphone – neat!

There are plenty of applications for this such as checking out when someone gets home from school or work, seeing when your dinner guests arrive while you’re in the kitchen or simply for security purposes!

Archerfish claims that they use the same technology used by Homeland Security. Compatibility isn’t an issue as it will work on a broad range of handsets (and on computers); pricing is $400 for the solo model but it’s possible to upgrade to a multiple set for $1,400 with 4 cameras and support for many more.

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Price: $432.99
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