Airsoft Handgun with Laser Sight

Airsoft Handgun with Laser Sight

A couple weeks ago we featured the Airsoft Submachine Gun with Laser Sight, well today we are featuring the Airsoft Handgun with Laser Sight for the jobs that require a little more discretion…

Load up the clip with tiny plastic airsoft pellets, pull back the slide to cock and take aim with the included laser sight. This diminutive Airsoft Handgun is a little smaller than actual size but delivers tons of cubicle plinking fun. Just be sure to wear some kind of eye protection as the airsoft BB’s tend to ricochet unexpectedly. This gun is mostly safe, but someone told us that the pellets sting a bit on bare skin… and you certainly wouldn’t want to hit anyone in the eye… not that YOU would shoot any of your co-workers.

These guns are suppose to be for “responsible geeks 18 and over”… we’re just happy they are talking about physical age and not our mental ages!

Product Features
* Airsoft Handgun Sports a Laser Sight
* Single Shot Mechanical Action Requires No Batteries – Simply Cock the Slide and Shoot
* Removable Clip Holds 12 shots
* Shoots up to 75 Feet

Price: $9.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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