Accoona Reinvents Internet Search

Artificial Intelligence Combines With Industry-leading Search Functionality
to Provide Meaningful, User-Specific Data

NEW YORK, March 8, 2006 – Accoona Corp., a pioneer in the application of
artificial intelligence to Web search, today unveiled search functionality
that dramatically improves the quality and relevance of Internet-based data
search and retrieval.

“From this day forward, Internet search will never be the same,� said
Eckhard Pfeiffer, Accoona chairman and former president and CEO of Compaq
Computer Corp. “With Accoona, high-quality, relevant results are delivered
instantly, saving consumers and businesses time and money.�

Pfeiffer and other Accoona executives made their remarks at a press event
hosted by Accoona at the United Nations.

The company’s search engine portal,, has been significantly
enhanced to offer users two distinct sets of functionality:

• The “News� function enables users to instantly cross-reference
their search keywords to a suite of frequently used data-search categories.
• The “Business� function enables users to cross-reference keywords
to a database that melds Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive database with
Accoona’s own database of business information, totaling more than 60
million businesses worldwide.

The News and Business function buttons enable users to instantly focus and
refine the results presented to them with a simple mouse click.

In the News function, Accoona provides users with a set of eight drop-down
buttons that enables them to:

• Prioritize the Results. Refine the results by prioritizing the
words in their original search phrase.
• Refine by Time Period. With a mouse click, access keyword-relevant
data published at various time periods, from within the previous hour to
more than 30 days ago.
• Refine by News Organization or Media Outlet. Refine the results by
selecting specific media outlets from a database of thousands of news
• Refine by Company Name. Find related companies for News and
Business search by accessing Accoona’s proprietary database, totaling more
60 million companies. Included is Dun & Bradstreet data, which provides free
access to such company information as yearly sales, the number of employees,
and a contact name and phone number.
• Refine by Country. Refine the results by selecting media outlets
from a specified country.
• Refine by State. Refine the results by selecting media outlets
from a specified state.
• Find People. Refine the results by cross-referencing to a list of
people who are mentioned in searched articles.
• Determine the Type of Media. Narrow your search to a specific type
of media, including text, audio, video, picture and graphic.

In addition, Accoona executives revealed that the company will soon unveil a
new model of online advertisement. Thousands of major advertisers and
advertising agencies have already signed letters of intent to participate,
according to Stuart Kauder, chief executive officer of Accoona.

“Our artificial intelligence capabilities enable us to offer advertisers a
compelling and unique value proposition, in terms of matching search queries
to their products and services,� said Kauder. “Here, too, Accoona will
redefine the commercial model of Internet search.�

Guest speaker Paul Hoffman, acclaimed technology author and journalist,
noted that “Accoona will be especially useful to journalists, who often work
under extremely tight deadlines. The Accoona search engine has enabled me to
find source material I couldn’t have located otherwise.�

Accoona has an agreement with China Daily Information Company to become the
preferred search engine portal across China for the next 20 years on an
exclusive basis. Already one of the most frequently used search engines in
China (, Accoona has licensed its English search engine to
Sina, China’s leading online publisher and to Sohu, China’s largest portal.

Garry Kasparov, world chess champion, is a shareholder and consultant. He
cites the application of artificial intelligence as a key advancement in Web
search technology. “After my many high-profile battles with supercomputers,
I am acutely aware of the artificial intelligence component and the learning
capabilities it enables,� Kasparov said. “Accoona is the leader in
combining artificial intelligence with effective Internet searches.�

Based in Jersey City, N.J., Accoona is dedicated to enhancing the quality of
online searching by creating sophisticated artificial intelligence search
technologies that provide users with a richer and highly relevant search
experience. The company has more than $100 million in financial backing
from private investment funds and strategic business agreements with Dun &
Bradstreet, Euro News, FAST Search and Transfer, GuruNet, Moreover and

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