8GB Flash Drive Only $22 From Dane-Elec

zmate dane elecIt’s not all that often you come across a deal that is worthy of a second look, but today I found an 8GB flash drive for only $22.  That’s not bad.  I will admit, my current flash drive (I have lots but only use one most frequently) is only 2GBs and seems to be holding up just fine [on storage].  However, I wonder if life would be that much easier if I could easily store 8GBs when ever, where ever…

Dane-Electronics is offering up their zMate 8GB UFD for only $22 plus free shipping. If you have never used Google check-out you could drop that 8GB drive to $12. Now that aint bad for 8GBs of memory.

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The company line:

Small, practical and high-performance, the zMate Pen lets you carry all sorts of computer files wherever you want (music, video, spreadsheets, texts, pdf, etc…). The Dane-Elec zMate Pen is certified High Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible. The Dane-Elec 8GB zMate Pen is your perfect companion either at work, at home or abroad.

Dane-Elec zMate 8GB Dealz page.

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  1. Wow, that’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen these types of gadgets go for anywhere. I’m going to have to grab one of these.

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