Kensington Portable Power Outlet with 3 Wall Outlets and 2 USB Power Ports

Here’s another very useful gadget from Kensington, particularly if you’re a road warrior that spends any amount of time in hotels. How many times have you gone hunting around the hotel room for those precious few open power outlets to plug in your laptop, cell phone charger, iPod charger and your 4th must-have gadget?

I know I’ve done it enough times to get to the point where I’m seriously wondering if I should unplug the TV or a lamp. Sometimes, I’ve brought a power strip along just in case.

This portable power outlet from Kensington saves you (and takes up way less space than a power strip). It has 3 AC outlets on it as well as 2 USB outlets. So now you can power up your iPod and/or Bluetooth headset without having to plug them into your laptop. This little gem even has some surge protection built in.


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Price: $24.99
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