2007 Round-The-World Flight Simulator Race Update: A Day of Surprise and Heartache

It’s coming up on three and a half days straight of racing for the Flight Simulator Geeks…

Earlier today the race around the world was extremely close as SimOuthouse pulled a surprise manuever by interpreting the rules differently than other teams and used a jet to get to an Atlantic corridor in addition to using a jet in the Trans-Atlantic corridor. As a result of this surprise manuever, they were able to jump ahead of AVSim for the Trans-Atlantic flight by nearly an hour and a half. Looking at the image you can see SimOuthouse’s baton holder, Ferror, being chased by literally the entire AVSim team.

There’s the surprise, now for the heartache… SimOuthouse’s baton holder crashed after that long jet journey across the Atlantic. While that alone is not tragic since you can pass the baton off and only accrue a 30 minute penalty, the wing-man who had the baton passed to him also crashed while landing.

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