3DConnexion Space Traveler

3DConnexion Space Traveler

I’ve been tooling around Google Earth for the last couple of days while following the 2007 Round-The-World Flight Simulator Race and would love a better way to fly around the application when I remembered my visit with Logitech at CES. 3Dconnexion, a Logitech company, has an award-winning 3D navigation devices that unlocks the power of 3D applications.

Whether flying through three-dimensional worlds or manipulating 3D objects, users can easily move in the 3D world by avoiding repetitive mouse clicks to perform simple navigation tasks.

Simply push, pull, tilt and twist the controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D imagery with over 100 of today´s most popular and powerful 3D applications for visualization and design including, Google Earth™, Google SketchUp™, Autodesk Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Autodesk® Maya® and many, many more.

I was able to pick up the feel of the 3Dconnexion device within seconds and fly around Google Earth and I’m not known as the most coordinated of people.

Get on the road to productivity with 3Dconnexion affordable, portable motion controller. SpaceTraveler is a first-class entry into the high-speed world of 3D motion controllers. And it’s priced to fit even the tiniest budget. It features the same proven technology and powerful 3D navigation of 3Dconnexion larger motion controllers and comes standard with 8 illuminated programmable buttons. SpaceTraveler fits easily into a briefcase or computer bag and is ideal for desktop work environments with limited space.With a simple fluid motion, you can pan, zoom and rotate with SpaceTraveler while you edit with the mouse. You’ll work up to 30% faster, with 50% fewer mouse movements. From designing and animating 3D models to panning and zooming in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office, SpaceTraveler adds big value to all your applications, at a very small price.se movement. 8 illuminated programmable buttons put even more convenience and functionality at your fingertips. 3Dconnexion’s two-handed work style is enjoyed by over 250, 000 designers worldwide and is now available in an advanced ultra-compact design.

Price: $183.81
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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